Clash of Queens Slot

Almost everyone in their childhood read a variety of fairy tales that taught kindness, masculinity, honor, and other positive qualities. Lewis Carroll wrote an amazing book about the adventures of Alice in Wonderland. She was a very clever and brave girl. Although, her character may seem a bit strange, thoughtful and dreamy, the author tried to convey to his readers that whatever age of a person is, everyone need to dream about something unusual and believe in their most intimate dreams.

Alice has become a character of many gambling games. The developers of Genesis Gaming Corporation used the story about Alice to create their own wonderful video slot. However, in this slot you will not see Alice. Main characters are sisters of the queen, who fight against each other. This battle promises to be very spectacular, and any user, either beginner or professional, may take part in it

The slot is characterized by stunning visual effects, excellent music and a lot of original bonuses. Traveling to Wonderland will be more intense than ever, a little mystical and productive. If you decide to set to this journey do not forget to take belief in luck with you, you are going to need it a lot.
In this Clash of Queens slot review we discuss the features and possibilities of the slot.

How to Play

The slot is designed amazingly. Each graphic detail is very realistic that it created the effect of presence. The colors used in the slot are cold and, to a greater degree, they are mostly shades of green. The action happens in a blooming garden. You can see the silhouettes of the sisters’ castles in the distance. One of them is more classic with high towers and peaks, and the second is made in form of huge chess pieces.

The sky is covered with thunderclouds as if hinting that a real battle between queens will soon break out.

Clash of Queens is a 5 reel gaming machine with fifteen characters on the screen. You can play on any number of active lines up to twenty-five. The rates on them are invariably equal. 0.01, 0.02, 0.05, 0.10, 0.20, 0.25, 0.50, 1, 2, 5 or 10 credits are accepted for each line. The total bet per spin can be from one cent to two hundred and fifty units.

The slot has basic and special icons, as well as a multi-level bonus game corresponding to the subject of the model in which you can receive payments or receive free spins.

Simple symbols become payable when identical icons are placed on the active line and adjacent reels, starting from the first column. The winning is awarded only for the longest sequence for each line.

The slot has two modes: expert and standard.

When playing the expert mode you can set the number of spins when you start the automatic game, as well as set the maximum payout after which it should stop.

Help button will let you learn more about the rules and peculiarities of the bonus game, and there you can also read the paytable.

Overview and Features

In addition to the main characters, you will see other characters from the fairytale story, as well as colorful letters and numbers.

Wild icon falls out on all reels, except the first one, which means it doesn’t form combos, but it can replace other elements in the chains.
Scatter (slot logo) is paid regardless of the position in which these icons appear on the screen.

There is a bonus round, which begins when one Queen is on the first reel, and the second – on the fifth. Before it is launched, you are asked to choose one of the Queens. Once the choice is made, the battle begins.

You will not be participating in the battle, but only watching its outcome. Depending on the choice of the gambler and the winner of the battle, the gambler is offered various rewards.

The round has several stages. The transition to the next level occurs when the Queen chosen by the gambler wins.

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