Zeus Slot

Ancient Greek mythology influenced the development of culture, not only the Greek, but the whole world, greatly. It also was a source of countless religious ideas about man and gods. In order to submit the history of ancient Greek mythology in the most attractive form, the manufacturer of video slots WMS designed Zeus slot machine, in which a gambler will be playing as a powerful god. The majestic Zeus is the master of thunder, lightning and the sky. He rules the world. Powerful gods who lived on Mount Olympus obey to him. He is a significant character in ancient mythology.

The game style is relevant to its plot: the image of the mythical Mount Olympus, many thematic icons of unearthly creatures and attributes of ancient Greece- this is what gamblers see in their screens. In addition, the game has an exciting soundtrack, which suits its theme perfectly.

In our Zeus slot review we have prepared a detailed description of its features.

How to Play

Zeus is a video slot made with five reels and three rows of icons. A gambler may chose up to 30 lines to play. The rate from one to five credits is accepted for each of them.
The Zeus has a variety of functions, including special icons with advanced features.

Before starting the rotation of the reels, it is advisable to examine the control panel. The first thing a punter will have to do is decide on the structure of control panel. There are classic or special control panels. The difference is in the order of the buttons.

Having dealt with the above, you need to set the appropriate rate amount. You are able to set both the minimum and maximum rates. When forming a bet, bear in mind that the higher it is, the larger the gain you receive in case of a winning combo.

At least three identical icons are needed for the formation of a winning combo. They should be located on the adjacent reels, starting with the first. The line also has to be activated. Only the highest combo is considered advantageous.

The payout amount is calculated under the common formula: line bet is multiplied by the combo factor. There is no risky game of chance in the Zeus slot, so the entire amount you get for the spin at the end of it is transferred to your account.

Overview and Features

Playing the Zeus slot you can see such icons: Zeus, Pegasus, Greek ship, battle helmet, lira, beautiful vase, gold coin, silver coin and laurel wreath.

There are two special symbols: Wild (shown as an ancient temple) and Feature (shown as Zeus’s hand holding lightning).

Wild icons does not form combos buts helps their formation from other icons.

Feature is an icon that is able to trigger free spins. To have free pins round you need to have from three to five feature icons. In such case you will get ten, twenty-five or a hundred spins respectively at the current rate and the quantity of lines.

Zeus video slot shows the magnificent and powerful god, whose image came to us from ancient Greece. You will have to make an unforgettable journey to Mount Olympus, where you need to go through a lot of tests and dangers.

Zeus can be played online for free and without registration on our website. You need to train good before betting real cash. Climb up Mount Olympus and get cash rewards from Zeus!

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