Free Casino Slots: Features, Rules and Bonuses

Numerous casino games appear on the web to grab the attention of the audience. Some games become living legends like The Book of Ra or Gonzo’s Quest. Others vanish or at least do not suffer from an overwhelming attention from gamblers. Some free slots feature a traditional gaming structure and simple rules. Other free casino slots feature amazing visual and sound effects.

Delivered by leading software providers, advanced casino games can boast extra features, colorful interface and many other advantage. However, the gaming process and bonuses are still the key issue for the majority of players as well as the possibility to win some cash when it comes to real money slots. In this section, we are going to discuss free online slots only. They are a good option for novice players as well as gamblers who do not want to risk losing their real money. All well-established websites and online casinos offer flash versions and free gaming modes for their visitors. The idea is to let them get acquainted with all major rules and features. At the same time, free slots are a good way to wind down and get away from the rat race every time you have a couple of free minutes and a Smartphone connected to the Internet.

What are the secrets of playing slots? How to develop a winning strategy? Are there any risks when playing slot machines? Today, we are going to answer all these questions. Read our article and choose from a wide list of online casinos offering free games for all tastes. You can opt for some proven classics in addition to newly-established games by leading casino software brands. Our experts examine every slot and play every game to come up with the most detailed reviews and ratings. We have already compared and contrasted hundreds of emulators. Check our website for more information.

Slot Machine Guide

The main mission of our website is to keep up with your gambling erudition and background. The more skills you get when playing free slots, the more chance you have to win in a real money game. For this reason, we decided to provide tons of useful information including:

  • Slot machines’ anatomy;
  • Types of gaming structure;
  • Types of games;
  • Slot themes;
  • Slot functions and features;
  • Typical bonuses and more.

You may wonder why those aspects are important. Well, if you know your opponent well, you are very likely to win. In this particular cases, an emulator is your opponent. If you win, you will get cash. If you lose, you will run out of real cash. This is why a free gaming mode is a vital part of your gambling education process. We are here to teach you how to develop a winning strategy and avoid huge losses. You will learn how to choose the right slot according to its theme, technology, game engine and other specifications that affect the gaming process.

Types of Slot Machines

The first ever slot machine has been released several years before casinos went online. Numerous upgrades and developments have been made since those times. Moreover, the number of slot machines has increased as well to meet the tastes and requirements of every player. We decided to introduce some of the most popular emulator types. They include:

  • Classic slot games – they mainly include typical old-school slots based on three reel and symbols with the images of fruits and vegetables. You may have come across such games. They look like vintage emulators featuring 8bit sound effects;
  • Video slot games – they reflect the technological and innovative approach performed by software providers and development companies. They look like upgraded classic slots with some obvious modifications and improvements. They feature video and sound effects for a better gaming experience;
  • 3D slots – these are the most advanced games that come with high quality 3D graphics. The gaming process is entertaining and more capturing due to some short videos and mini-events taking place after your every action;
  • Mobile slot games – mobile versions of all above-mentioned types of emulators customized with portable devices of different types. The idea is to bring a better mobile experience to gamblers.

Both professional and novice gamblers have come across any of the above-mentioned game types. Players can also be divided in accordance with their likes and preferences with the reference to a particular type.

Traditional Slot Machine Features

Every slot game has a set of typical features. They may include the same risk games, bonuses or free spins. More advanced slots have a list of extended features like “auto spin” and more. You need to know at least basic functions and options, as they are actually the same for every type of slot games. The list of features is as follows:

  • Free Spins – a traditional bonus for every slot game The idea is very simple. Every time you have a winning combination of particular symbols on the screen, you will get a chance to make free spins that will cost you 0 credits. The number of spins is defined by a particular software provider or developer. It may range from 5 to 30 free extra spins. We have a full list of websites with slot games and free spins;
  • Wild Symbol – when you start playing, you will see different images and symbols that refer to the main theme of your slot game. If you play an emulator dedicated to the Ancient Egypt, the symbols will remind you of the Pyramids, Pharaohs, rubies and other things related to the topic. The wild symbol is the main one. It acts like a chameleon changing into a necessary symbol to suit a winning combination;
  • Scatter Symbol – it is in charge of all bonuses provided by the game. IT triggers free spins, risk games and bonus rounds. However, it should be placed in a specific order on the reels;
  • Multipliers – those symbols will let you get higher prizes multiplying the win;
  • Bonus Rounds – every time you get to the bonus stage, you will be provided with additional chances to win extra cash or special prizes. They may include free coins, extra spins, multipliers and more;
  • Bonus Game – it is a game inside a game. When a bonus game is launched, the slot will take you to another screen where you need to play some rounds and win more cash. Those rounds may include 1 on 1 battle, choosing the right box or color;
  • Jackpot – it is the main aim for every gambler in spite of his or her experience and erudition. Jackpot is the biggest prize a player can get;
  • Progressive Jackpot – it is even bigger that traditional jackpot. Players who were lucky to get it have become instant millionaires. The idea is very simple. A slot collects deposits from all players who have ever tried or will try the game and forms a huge jackpot that never stops growing.

How to Play Free Slots?

The gaming process is the same in every game in spite of the type or theme. A player should make a bet using special buttons at the bottom of the main screen. You can choose a specific number of lines and check a possible win per line. After you are done with the bet, you may start spinning the reels. You will see a number of symbols also spinning on the screen. When they stop, they form a combination of similar symbols. Every combination has its price. You can check it in a special table before the flag is set.

Playing free slots is easier than it may seem. All you need is a little bit of luck and attention. Visit our website for more information and some useful tips that will certainly come in handy on your way to wealth and success. We will let you become a gambling superstar!